The Niesen is an attractive destination for your family.

Spectacular ride with the funicular

Enjoy the thrilling ride on the Niesen with up to 68% slope.
With the Junior- or Enkelcard of the swiss railway company the childrens are for free with the funicular.

Niesen Village

The scenic playground for children on the top of the Niesen. While the children playing, the parents can enjoy the views.


Familymenues in the Mountain Lodge


Playing in the Niesen village makes children hungry. For our young guests we have special children menu.

«Niese-Dörfli» - For the hungry family
Served in a big plate for selfe-serve.

  • Dohlennest      CHF 48.– (Minced meat with pasta and apple sauce)
  • Adlerhorst        CHF 56.– (Chicken wings with french fries and mixed salad)
    (Quantity calculation for 2 Adults and 2 Children)